100% manual logo vectorization

Trust us with the logos you need vectorizing and save that time for yourself

  • Unbeatable price for logo vectorization: £4.5 per converted logo
  • Super fast delivery of a logo transformed into vector in maximum 5 hours
  • Professional quality of creating svg, ai, pdf or eps logo formats, manual vector logo art and other vectorization image and vector art conversion services
convert logo to vector

How we convert logo to vector for you

convert logo to ai, svg, eps, pdf

Post your logo with 1 click and we will make vector logo art for it

Log in to your account, click on the ‘vectorization’ tab (on the left side of the menu) and send us your request to convert logo to vector, upload the logo that needs vectorizing.

Instant chat with a graphic designer to convert logo to vector format

One of our graphic designers will immediately confirm and start working on your request turning the logo into vector format. You can chat with him or her directly in English.

logo to vector conversion service
turn logo to AI, SVG, EPS, PDF format

We convert your logo to vector online

  • Qualitative vectorization of the outlines of a logo: when we convert a logo to vector we reproduce all the image details
  • Preservation of colors: we choose a color scheme for logos based on the original colors
  • Full vectorization of the effects of logos – shadows, glows and reflections – are perfectly reproduced
  • Changing logo sizes: conversion logos of low resolution to high-quality vectors
  • Vectorization of logo texts without altering the original fonts
  • Changing logo file formats: we convert your logo to AI, SVG, EPS, PDF formats online
  • Conver logo to vector (vectorizing logo) by hand

Convert your logo in vector format in 5 hours max

Within 5 hours after you send us a request to convert the logo to vector (vectorization of the logo), you will receive the vectorized logo in pdf, eps, svg format (or AI with a simple request).

change format of logo
vectorized logo

What is a vectorized logo?

A vectorized logo is a logo that can be enlarged without any loss of quality. In general, scaling up a non-vectorized logo or bitmap results in loss of quality. A vectorized logo won’t get pixelated while resizing and that is why most printers use this format.

Frequently asked questions about vector logo art

How much does a logo vectorization cost?
The vectorization of a logo costs only £4.5. There are some exceptions when a particular logo turns out to be quite complex. In such cases we will contact you immediately.

In what format will I receive vectorized logo?
You will receive your logo as .pdf but with a simple request you can receive it in another format as well (AI, eps, cdr or many more).

In what format should I send the logo for vectorization?
We prefer the logo to be sent as .jpeg but we accept most of the formats such as: png, pdf, gif, etc.

What is the quality of your logo vectorization service?
All vectorizations are done manually by experienced graphic designers. Their talent and experience allow us to obtain vectorizations in exceptional quality.

My logo isn't sharp and quite small. Is this a problem?
We prefer to receive good quality logos but if it is not possible, we will still try our very best to deliver the best possible vectorization.