Terms of Use

1. Copyright / ancillary copyright / intellectual property

Any information (logo, design, picture or photo, address, name …) provided by COMPUZZ in the course of its work remains the sole property of the owner.
COMPUZZ has no rights to pass on or sell the logos, images or photos to third parties or to use them for their own purposes.
This website is subject to the intellectual property rights. This “Site” is fully governed by Belgian and international law regarding copyright and intellectual property.
Any kind of duplication, processing, distribution, storage and any kind of exploitation outside the limits of copyright requires the prior written consent of the respective copyright holder. The unauthorized copying / saving of the provided information on these web pages is not permitted and punishable

2. Agreement with the terms and conditions

When placing an order, the customer confirms that he has been informed about the general terms and conditions, and agrees to it without reservation.
The payment of the order is also in agreement with the terms and conditions.

3. COMPUZZ services

3.1 COMPUZZ undertakes to execute the orders according to the customer’s instructions and to the conditions specified by COMPUZZ or arranged with the customer.
3.2 After completing an order, COMPUZZ will provide the customer with the created files in the requested data format (by default in Adobe Illustrator format).
3.3 After a period of 2 months (60 days) – except by special arrangement – all projects that the customer left unanswered or unvalidated are considered as definitely abandoned and completed or deleted without further notice.

4. Terms of use

4.1 The customer is fully responsible for the use of the file supplied by Compuzz.
4.2 The customer is responsible for checking the delivered file before each use. Compuzz is not liable for errors that occur during the further processing of the delivered file.

5. Prices

5.1 Prices are in EURO, excluding VAT (21%).
5.2 The prices of the services are in each case the prices that are valid at the moment of placing the order, regardless of the prices at the completion of the project.
5.3 COMPUZZ reserves the right to charge additional costs for work that turns out to be extremely time-consuming to implement. However, these additional services are provided only with the consent of the customer.

6. Payment

6.1 Payments are made by purchasing “credits” on the COMPUZZ portal (dashboard)
6.2 The customer can make the payment via PayPal or by transfer to our bank account (KBC: IBAN BE82 7310 2278 4968 BIC KREDBEBB).
6.3 COMPUZZ has no access to the customer’s bank information and no payment information is stored on our portal.

7. Order cancellation

7.1 Any order cancellation must be submitted in writing and is subject to the approval of COMPUZZ. The cancellation of an order for which the production process has already been started is not possible. Advance payments already made by the customer can not be reclaimed by the buyer.

8. Copyright Legal Protection and Trademark Protection – Confidentiality

8.1 The customer remains the owner of the logos, images, photos and graphic creations that have been sent to COMPUZZ.
8.2 Upon payment of the balance of an order, all property rights of the graphic designs created by COMPUZZ are transferred to the customer.
8.3 All information that the customer has communicated to us on our portal, i. personal details (customer name, e-mail address, postal address) will only be used by COMPUZZ for the purposes intended.
8.4 The customer has an access right to change or delete his personal information.
8.5 The content of this website is protected by the rights of intellectual property.
8.6 These General Terms and Conditions are subject to the application of European law.